Walk through 2015

I am enjoying walking through nuances and sensing their every single different texture. I’m still a long way from actually immersing in every nuance’s depth, but I see that road is open and welcoming: it’s there for me and will always be there.


I am grateful for being alive now and today, grateful for being able to write this here, I am grateful for being loved and supported by my family (all of it: those who are still here and close, those who are further away and those who are departed). I am grateful for having close and distant friends, warm souls who are always in my heart and I am in theirs. I am grateful to myself for starting on the path of listening, understanding and befriending myself. I am grateful to feel a part of the whole and to feel the whole being a part of me.


I am, of course, sometimes, disappointed, mostly with myself as well as with others, but at the same time I am happy knowing that my disappointment comes from having some needs unmet.

I am joyful with the choices I made this year: working a lot in order to be reliable and to offer quality, doing wonderful trips, enjoying some of my most cherished artists in live performances, feeling a little more of the wonderful nature around, taking care of myself with long periods of time spent alone and deep in thought, as well as sharing with friends and meeting new friends.


I know that this all is my doing and my choices have brought me here, so I’m thanking myself for taking care of myself and allowing myself (by openness and accepting to be vulnerable) to understand that doing this is part of taking care of the whole.


I am also grateful for you saying hello, for us talking and for both of us being open to… new beginnings. I’m grateful for every single small gift you offered, I’m in a state of childish wonder hearing you ask some questions and finding values we both cherish. I’m mostly grateful for you expressing tenderly and with gentleness. My needs for love, respect and care are being met these days. I can only hope we will add more and more days to these.



Here, on earth

De prin iarnă (dar la fel de valabil) pentru tine:

…once in a while / I learn how to smile.

It’s not the cigarettes, nor the mornings, nor the nights.

It’s knowing you’re here, it’s watching your hands, it’s hearing your whispered smile.

De azi, cu drag, pentru tine.

Poduri și legături…

…interesante între muncă și ”de-ale mele”:

Text din prospect – …don’t be surprised if the colour or shape of your tablets changes from time to time.

”Ale mele” – cu versuri aici.

Despre mutat (partea a II-a)

După mutat și ”așezat la casa omului”, am început să mai fac ordine prin ”cutiile de maimuțe”. În prima cutie – surpriză: am găsit afișul cu Metallica!

Fără metafore, really, mi-am găsit afișul cu Metallica (și alte amintiri din liceu)!

Despre mutat (partea I)

Ma mut. Ergo, am inceput sa impachetez. Ergo, fac niste descoperiri uluitoare:

1. Dintre zecile de cutii pe care le am, 9 sunt cu papuci. Am o cutie imensa cu cosmetice si 5 genti. Niste caracteristici “feminine” pe care nu mi le-am constienizat niciodata. Poate ca e vremea…

2. “Mi-am gasit tricoul cu Metallica!” (figurativ, bineinteles), totusi…


3. Note to self: ciocolata e facuta ca sa fie mancata. Deci atunci cand primesti ciocolata, mananc-o, n-o pastra! Pastreaza si ingrijeste florile!


Voi reveni.

7-9 Octombrie 2011

O parte dintre noi…

Si finalul…


Piesa de septembrie.

Primul eveniment din octombrie.

Piesa de octombrie.